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You are here:: Katalog JStory JStory June 2016: Like the Starlings ~ Diyar Harraz

JStory June 2016: Like the Starlings ~ Diyar Harraz

1. Like the Starling

Author: Diyar Harraz
ISBN: 978-967-0851-43-3
Price: RM29.00 (Pen. Malaysia) / RM32.00 (Sabah/Sarawak)
Online order: Started June 2016

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Two lost souls.
One pre-destined fate.
Each with a conflict they have so little control over…


Laila Fazal is starting to see life more differently. After hitting rock bottom due to the untimely death of her stepmother, she begins to scrutinise over her life and the people around her. Things are on their way to destruction and it’s time that she declutters the things that ‘now’ matters to her.

Rhys Steffan Evans has a vow of his own. On the lookout for rebuilding his life from the nightmares behind, he’s attempting to become a new man. But things aren’t as simple as it first sounded when obstacles and the old chapters of his life started to haunt him, forcing him to jeopardise his newly found happiness.

A world apart, both with their own ‘worst bits of life’ to be dealt with, the two stumble on one startling journey; surrounded with cultural differences, sacrifices and chaos.

Can they manage to achieve their purposes, in the end?

Against the backdrops of a small, historical town in West Wales and Alor Gajah in Malacca, Like the Starlings envelops the livelihood of two people in their boisterous journey of self-discovery that rekindles lost memories, family and the sense of coming home.